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Jila is a Barcelona based brand, born to approach sustainable and slow fashion to women.

We are Laia and Andreu, a couple of engineers passionate for design, artisan processes and sustainability. In the begging of this project, June 2021, our friends Manu (Photographer) and Maria Rosa (Art Director / Marketing) joined us making the perfect match for our design & process making minds.

When we started thinking about Jila, we felt that the sustainable and slow fashion offer was not enough, times are changing and there are a lot of possibilities producing locally in Europe and in Barcelona. So we started designing and fabric sourcing with the sustainable perspective, always taking into account the carbon footprint of logistics. At the same time, we found a workshop in Barcelona, that not only was local, but worked with people without resources. So we started prototyping and making the collections with them.

Our main inspiration has always been the beauty of our Cap de Creus (Costa Brava), a magic environment where the mountain and the sea meets, and nature as its greatest splendor offers us unique pictures.


Respecting the environtment and minimizing our carbon footprint has always been our main vaue.

We work mostly with upcycled fabrics, there is no need to buy new stock when there is a lot of deadstock fabrics that we can use!

When this is not possible, we priorize our suppliers depending on the distance from our workshop, and the same with the packaging and labels.

Also, we have a low stock policy to not overproduce, and some of our items are made on demand or with a 1 or 2 pieces of safety stock, which means that when we sell one item, we produce another one, so we can offer you a fast delivery without overstocking.


We produce our pieces in a local social workshop in Barcelona who uses its income mainly to train people without resources to facilitate their labor and social integration.

We support feminism out loud, and we bring our feminist look by showing you real woman wearing our pieces to approach a more realistic image of how they would fit on you. Also, our design and production chain consists largely of women.


You deserve to know the whole making process of your pieces. That’s why we tell you always the fabric origin, and where do we design, prototype and produce your pieces.

All the Jila pieces are made in Barcelona, and all the people working on the making process of our pieces have decent working conditions.